Tortilleria El Sol

Our Story

Tortilleria El Sol is about serving our customers and getting them the products that they want. It all began the summer of 1994...

With relatives living in Missouri, it was only natural that we often visited. When we did, we would bring fresh tortillas, chips, and salsa: things that were hard to find in Missouri. We would make a stop in Chicago and fill up our SUV with tortillas in bulk before heading out. When we got to Missouri we we offered these items to the public. We sold out in the first few hours.

We recognized that there was a real need for these products and we made it our mission to make hispanic food products available to all.

We studied the art of authentic tortillas and salsa in Mexico, and in 2008 Tortilleria El Sol was established on Milwaukee’s South Side.

Today we offer the freshest tortillas in the city while maintaining the highest standards. We want to be friends with our customers and do our best to make sure everyone gets a taste. We just want to share the fiesta!